For cooking, cleaning and construction

While aprons may seem like an outdated concept, they are making a huge comeback into the limelight. From the simplest, low cost, tie-on variety to boutique quality custom chef aprons, there are aprons to fit every budget and lifestyle. They not only protect your clothing from cooktops splattering tomato sauce but can also make a fashion statement and keep a party alive by becoming a fun conversation piece.

When shopping for aprons, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Designs or patterns. Painted-on designs may crack over time, especially if machine dried. Embroidered designs are more durable but also tend to cost more.
  • Vintage is vogue. If you purchase a charming vintage apron, remember that it must be handled with extra care. Hand-washing is the best choice for older garments, and removing stains must be done gently and without harsh chemicals. Have fun with your vintage apron, but take care of it so that it lasts you many more years.
  • For a wonderful personalized custom apron, make a barbecue apron for Dad (or Mom). Purchase a plain white cotton apron, have the kids dip their hands in fabric paint and then stamp handprints over the front. You could also use stamps in fun shapes with fabric paint or permanent stamping ink.

    Keep gifts in mind when visiting unusual places; charming little gift shops almost always carry items like chef aprons customized with a local landmark or the name of the city. Surprise your family or friends with a unique gift. For the comedian in your life, you might pick up a couple of funny aprons with printed jokes on the front.

    Other Uses for Aprons

    Aprons aren’t just for cooking – consider using a cute pocketed style for cleaning. The pockets are handy for holding supplies and it will protect your clothing from the chemicals. They can also be useful for construction projects – pockets can hold nails and other small items, and loops can hold a hammer or screwdriver.

    Aprons are fun, functional, timeless and make great gifts. You can find them for any occasion, in a variety of styles and price ranges, or you can custom order one just the way you want it.

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