Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Create your own personal culinary oasis

Designing your dream kitchen involves a great deal of thought, work and time, but once completed the reward will surely make up for the labor. Because it is a large undertaking, the planning and budgeting stages are among the most important - there are a number of factors to consider before you ever lift a paint brush or hammer a nail:

Make sure you plan out every element of your kitchen including the dimensions and the spaces for the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. Once your decisions have been made, you can easily move on to smaller decisions such as the furniture and accessories.

Furniture and Accessories - The final touches and the elements that will bring your room together will be the kitchen furniture and accessories. Kitchen tables, stools and chairs can integrate seamlessly into your decor or make a complementary statement on their own. Kitchen lighting fixtures must be placed in convenient and effective locations, and your appliances should balance well in your room. Don't overlook small items like tablecloths, cushions and centerpieces, as they will add personality to your room.

The most important thing to remember when designing your dream kitchen is to make it all about you. This is your space, so strive for an efficient workspace that reflects your personality and style!

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