Kitchen Island Styles

Finding the right style for your kitchen

As kitchens become increasingly smaller and task-oriented, many people are choosing to add a kitchen island to their space. An island can serve as a chopping station, a mixing area or, with a few added bar stools, an extra space for eating. Islands also add elegance and sophistication, to any kitchen design - they are a great combination of aesthetics and practicality, and can give you a lot of bang for your buck in your remodel.

Generally kitchen islands are located in the center of the room, and to maintain flow they are usually made of the same material as the kitchen countertops. The size of your island depends on the purpose it will serve as well as your budget. You may use it only for storing small appliances or you could use it as an added cooking area, which will require more room.

Placing a griddle or a stove in an island is a great way to efficiently use space, especially for those in-house gourmet cooks who like to plan elaborate meals.

Kitchen islands designed to accommodate an extra sink (or possibly two sinks) have become increasingly popular among many homeowners. These islands require less material since there will be less countertop taken up, but involve more planning when it comes to plumbing. Adding sinks in the island is a great way to centralize your kitchen and can assist in making cooking and clean-up easier.

There are many styles, materials and designs to choose from when it comes to your kitchen island. Depending on your budget and your kitchen design ideas you may want to opt for a wooden or laminate island. Marble countertops look great but you may end up spending more on the surface than on the rest of the island. To add an extra touch of class and style to their kitchens, some people hang pots and pans above their islands on a pot rack. Opting to go for additional lighting over the island is essential if you are using it as a focal point for meal preparation.

Kitchen island costs vary depending on the size, material and design of the unit, but can generally be accommodated to suit almost every budget. Kitchen islands should be a consideration in any kitchen remodeling project.

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