Kitchen Backsplash

Secrets to a beautiful kitchen backsplash

A kitchen backsplash serves an important practical function, preventing walls behind the stove and sink and above the counters from becoming stained from splashed or splattered liquids or foods. But a backsplash also plays a major design role which can serve to tie together disparate elements or make a unique statement of its own.

Kitchen Backsplash Materials

When considering kitchen backsplash ideas, you can choose from a wide variety of materials, including:

Whatever material you choose, be sure it’s easy to clean and maintain. Remember, this is a kitchen where food is being prepared and dishes are being washed. Your backsplash is bound to get splattered, so choosing a surface that’s easy to clean is paramount.

Kitchen Backsplash Tile Design

Perhaps the option offering the widest range of design possibilities is the ceramic tile backsplash. Just like a child’s mosaic picture puzzle, your design options are virtually endless. Achieve a more subtle look that ties other elements together by selecting a single type of tile for your tile backsplash. Rich, brown cabinets and a brown granite countertop visually “pop” when accented by pale tan ceramic or stone backsplash tile. Another option that results in a truly stunning kitchen backsplash tile design is to use plainer tile for the majority of the backsplash, and create a central focal point, perhaps over the stove, where you can incorporate a more complex accent design, or even add a few handmade or Mexican tiles.

Backsplash Tile Installation

Backsplash tile is easy to install, and well within the purview of the do-it-yourselfer. However, it is time-consuming, so you may prefer to hire a subcontractor to do the work for you. Tiles are usually affixed with an adhesive to a tile backer board, and then the spaces between tiles are filled with grout. Take some time to select your grout – it comes in different colors, and can add an additional subtle element to your backsplash.

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