Bakers Racks

Not just for cooling bread

While traditionally designed as a practical way to store baked goods as they cooled, these days a bakers rack can serve many different functions. They can be used to display collectables, or store and display serving items such as pottery bowls and attractive stemware. In the kitchen, they can be used as a serving and storage cart. Bakers racks are available in many different materials and styles to fit any budget and home decor.

Wrought Iron Bakers Racks

Wrought iron bakers racks are particularly popular for their classic, quality construction. The intricate designs available complement the most sophisticated of homes and lend a beautiful and functional element to any kitchen or dining room.

Stainless Steel Bakers Racks

Stainless steel bakers racks are attractive, affordable and coordinate perfectly in a contemporary home. For the wine enthusiast, stainless steel or wire serves as a stunning wine rack for the wine collection and crystal wine glasses. Serve your guests with ease and flair with everything you need located in one classy piece of furniture.

Wood Bakers Racks

Wood is a traditional material for baking rack construction. It can be simple and utilitarian, with shelves, cabinets and drawers, or it can be intricately carved for a charming gingerbread look and feel. One major advantage of wood is that it can be painted or stained to match the color scheme of your kitchen cabinets and are easy to clean and maintain. Another lovely option for wood is to custom detail the rack with stencils and paints.

Corner Bakers Racks

For that tricky empty spot in the corner of your dining room or kitchen, consider a corner bakers rack or hutch. Not only do corner bakers racks help maximize space usage, making them perfect for small places where using every inch is crucial, but they also add a unique look to your entertaining space. Bakers racks that have a hutch attached to them offer even more versatility and storage.

Build Your Own Bakers Rack

If you want the charm and convenience of a bakers rack but money is a concern, check out do-it-yourself kits. Metal and wood are both available in kits that you can order and put together at home. This can be a real help on your budget, and it can instill a sense of pride in this beautiful and functional piece of kitchen furniture that will grace your home for many years. Whether you build your own or have an assembled rack delivered to your door, look for sturdy, quality materials and make sure to measure your space ahead of time to be sure the rack will fit where you want it.

Before purchasing a bakers rack, think creatively about all the possible uses you might use the rack for. Shelves can become a place to organize and display cookbooks, a charming top rack may house herbs or other small plants, and an enclosed cabinet space could hold those awkward kitchen gadgets that don’t fit in the cupboards. You could also attractively display a collection of spices. Whatever your lifestyle, color and decor preferences, and storage and display needs, a bakers rack is a useful and attractive addition to any home.

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