Kitchen Furniture

Choosing the accessories to match your life

Once you have your kitchen appliances in place and your walls have been painted, it is time to furnish your kitchen.

Today’s kitchen is no longer just a place where people gather to eat. It’s now a place for complete entertainment, and should reflect the lifestyle of your family. Choosing the right furniture should depend on your lifestyle - there is no need to buy a 12-place dining table to fill a kitchen that is used only on special occasions. It simply isn’t practical.

If you spent more time eating at the counter than at the table, consider investing in some bar stools that will allow you to eat comfortably. They also make great accessories to any kitchen decor.

Perhaps you don’t have enough cupboard space and want to add a kitchen island or a pantry. Both will give you the desired cupboard space, but an island is suitable for multiple tasks such as food preparation and providing an eating surface. You could also purchase a small kitchen cart or butcher block that is easily storable, if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen for an island.

If your children spend more time doing their homework in the kitchen than in their rooms or the home office, you could install a corner desk. Some people even enjoy watching television while they eat, so housing a small television in the kitchen could be a smart option. If you’d like to do this but your design is already in place, find a small television stand that folds easily for convenient storage.

The best way to furnish your kitchen is to buy furniture after you have decorated, so you’ll know exactly what style to look for. However, one thing you should always keep in mind is that the furniture you purchase should have longevity. Don’t buy too much into trends, as they fluctuate frequently and you could be quickly be stuck with outdated furniture that no longer brings you joy.

You’ll also want to think of the practicality of the pieces you select. For example, if you purchase an antique dining room table but have small children who will play on it, it’s sure to be wrecked in no time. It would be more practical to purchase a cheaper table you care less about, and then when the children have grown make the purchase you’ve always wanted.

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