Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Handles, knobs, hinges and shelves

Decorating a whole kitchen is an intimidating task that requires a great deal of time and effort. However, you can easily change small items such as your kitchen cabinet hardware, to create a fresh new look that won't go unnoticed.

Kitchen cabinet hardware includes your cabinet handles, door knobs, hinges and shelving units, and it functions to increase the visual effect and usability of your cabinets. By installing new kitchen cabinet hardware you will make subtle yet perceptible changes that can go a long way to adding life to your dull decor.


Like most products for your home, kitchen cabinet door knobs come in a variety of styles and quality levels. Cheaper door knobs are made of plastic or wood, while most higher end door knobs are made of metal. (However, some cheaper metal knobs could be made from a metal composition that will eventually break down.) Other materials used in making door knobs include glass and ceramic.

The price of a door knob will depend not only on its composition but also its finish. Ordinary one-size-fits-all white plastic knobs will be budget-friendly, whereas more elaborate handcrafted, hand-painted Mexican detailed ceramic knobs will cost more.

When looking at knobs, keep in mind that prices are often given per knob - for example, if you have ten doors and ten drawers to outfit, but you want to go with the custom-made Peruvian llama knobs in solid nickel at $9.99 each, your budget will have to be at least $200! Hand-blown glass knobs even start as high as $70.00 per knob. With such a range in prices, it's best to decide on a budget and then shop around.

Knobs can be found at most hardware stores, do-it-yourself centers and home renovation stores, or through online retailers.


Everybody has different kitchen pictures in their mind when it comes to the ideal cabinet door hinges. Some prefer them hidden while other will choose hinges that are as much a part of the decor as the appliances or the wall color. Regardless of your feelings toward hinges, there is a style out there that will suit your needs.

When choosing the perfect hinge you must take into account the knobs or pulls you have installed or will install, as you certainly don't want them to clash. Matching is good but not always necessary if the color scheme is similar. Keep in mind the color of your cabinets as well as the countertop and walls. Kitchen cabinet hardware should bring the room together, not pull it apart.

Just like colors, hinges also come in various swing styles. Depending on your taste you can choose between the most popular overlay hinges, inset hinges or concealed hinges, as well as many other types available in finishes that will complement a wide variety of cabinetry styles and room decor. Cabinet refacing works best when you take all these factors into consideration.

Hinges are generally crafted from metal, and the price depends on the strength and finish. When installing heavy wooden doors it is best to purchase a high quality hinge with thick screws to ensure your door will still be hanging in years to come.


Racking and shelving are quick and effective ways to create better use of available kitchen storage space. Often space is wasted in corners, under the sink and at the end of cupboards. This can be counteracted by installing small, half moon side shelves or shelving sized to fit under sinks - you can purchase these ready-made, or customize you own using leftover materials from your cabinets.

Lazy Susans installed in corner cupboards or higher cabinets can not only help you organize your space more effectively, but also allow you to view the contents of your cabinet with ease.

As a general rule, store the items that you use less often in higher or harder to reach cabinets. Leave the prime, easy-to-access cupboards for your everyday items.

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