Kitchen Carts

When a kitchen island leaves you stranded

Of all the latest developments in the kitchen area, nothing is more useful and convenient than a kitchen island. However, some kitchens are too small to accommodate one or the floor space simply cannot be spared for that purpose. If you find yourself in this position, you could purchase a more compact kitchen cart on wheels as an alternative.

Generally kitchen carts serve the same purpose as an island - they offer extra countertop for meal preparation or serving, and also have convenient drawers and shelves for storage. But the main advantage of kitchen carts is that they take up little space and can easily be stored when not in use. Before you make your purchase, it is important to measure the space where you will store the cart to ensure you come away with the proper size.

Most kitchen carts are solid hardwood with butcher block surfaces, however units are also available in a variety of steel frame options and finished countertops. Kitchen carts are relatively inexpensive and are available in most home sections of department stores or home decorating stores. Prices vary so it’s best to shop around. Most hardwood varieties of carts come untreated so you can paint or varnish it in the color of your choice, making them easily adaptable to the rest of your decor.

Along with extra cupboard space, kitchen carts can double as wine racks and microwave or toaster oven shelves. Many include adjustable ledges, towel racks and sometimes even utensil holders. Ask yourself what features you need before going to the store so you’re sure to come away with what you want.

If you need even more room than the basic cart top will provide, think of buying one with drop leaves. Some units are available with one or two convenient fold down drop leaves to give you extra chopping space when you need it and tuck away neatly when you don’t.

Some variations of the kitchen cart include baskets instead of shelves, for storing fruit, vegetables or other loose items. Others come with stainless steel countertops for a modern feel than butcher block.

The great thing about most carts is that they are on wheels. You can take them to wherever is convenient and then easily tuck them back into their corner when you’re done. Before purchasing a wheeled cart you should ask yourself if this option is good for you - Will the wheels come in handy? Will they stain your floors?

Although traditional islands are often the first item on many kitchen remodeling wish lists, kitchen carts with their versatility in space and mobility, are a great compromise for those who simply don’t have the space.

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