Kitchen Chairs

Sitting in style

Chairs may not be the first decorating detail that springs to mind for the kitchen, but they are an intricate and useful part of the overall decor. Kitchen chairs are generally made to match a table and are sold in sets, although you can generally order extras to add more seating around your kitchen table.

Even though it's an easy option, standard matching sets may not be what you are looking for in your design. If you purchase sturdy chairs at a flea market and mix them with an old fashioned table they can make a unique and fun statement all on their own.

Chairs can be painted or varnished in a variety of colors to either blend in with the rest of the decor or stand out and complement it.

One idea that has gained ground over the last few years is a more bohemian take on the concept of kitchen chairs - they don't match the table, nor do they match each other. Each might be painted its own bright color, instantly making the set a conversation piece.

Another option is to create a nostalgic feel for your kitchen by purchasing steel framed chairs and adding bright red or blue faux-leather seats. These seats scream 1950s Retro, and will have all your dinner guests talking about your kitchen decor.

If you like retro but chairs are not your thing, why not add a booth if you have the room? They are inexpensive and the extra storage under the seat can be convenient for holding cases of soft drinks or vegetables.

Other variations of kitchen chairs include chairs made from such materials as unfinished wood, wicker or steel.

If you don't have a kitchen table you may want to invest in bar stools, especially if you have a kitchen island or use your kitchen cart for morning coffee or afternoon snacks. Bar stools work very well in kitchens with horizontal counters or even a higher table. They come in a whopping number of varieties, materials and colors that will match any decor imaginable.

If you don't feel like changing the color of your current table chairs but desire a change, try covering the seat pads. Or, if your chairs are wooden, add a splash of color by attaching your own cushions to them in fun, funky fabrics.

However you decide to decorate your kitchen, keep in mind that everything, including your kitchen chairs, can and should add to the style and overall decor of your room.

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