Kitchen Countertops

Solutions to your surface needs

Resurfacing your countertop will make a big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. Besides the kitchen flooring, the countertop is the largest surface in your kitchen and its look can make or break the whole design of your room.

Finding the balance between what is affordable and what is beautiful can be tricky, but is not impossible. A wide variety of countertop finishes and materials are available on the market today, giving you plenty of ground to make the proper choice for your kitchen.

When selecting a new countertop there are six points to look for:


A sturdy work surface is essential in a kitchen. You will use your countertop to chop food, clean pots and pans, store small appliances, cook on and eat on, therefore it is essential to install a surface that can handle your needs. Remember, it is not essential to have only one material in your countertop. You can mix different surfaces and distribute them to areas where they will be used efficiently. While stone or granite countertops are the strongest, try combining a butcher's block section near the stove to make chopping and dicing convenient.

Stain Resistance

A countertop should look as good in 10 years as it does the day you install it. Unfortunately life often foils this plan and your countertops eventually end up tea or beet juice stained all too soon. Not all countertops are stain resistant, so if that's an issue it is wise to go for less porous options than wood or laminate. Engineered stone is highly resistant to stains as is stainless steel; however covering your whole kitchen countertop in these materials can be costly.

Burnproof Material

Accidents happen. Burns in the kitchen occasionally occur, so it's always a good idea to use a material in your countertops that is as resistant to burns as possible. Ceramic tile is a good example of a burn resistant countertop material.


The countertop is perhaps the most visually grabbing feature of your kitchen - nothing pulls together the look of your space more than the choice of countertop. If you have many colors in your kitchen, try using a countertop that is less flashy. Stainless steel countertops add a modern look to a kitchen, while wood brings warmth and beauty. Nothing brings a touch of elegance to your kitchen more than granite, but as is expected, you'll have to pay more to get these results.


A countertop is ideally a permanent fixture in your house. If you do replace it, hopefully it won't be often, so it's best to make your purchase count. Laminate countertops are one of the cheapest materials available but they are easily chipped and are difficult to repair. They also leave a seam, which could cause problems down the road if the joins are not well-fitted. Granite and stone countertops are among the most durable.


Budgets are important when remodeling a kitchen, but try not to skimp on the countertop. Corners can be cut on smaller items like kitchen hardware. Laminate countertops are the least expensive but are also generally the least durable, whereas granite or engineered stone counters are among the most expensive but of the best quality.

When looking for countertops, choose wisely and shop around. It may even be more cost effective to get custom-made countertops, depending on the material you choose.

Mixing materials may also help you cut down on costs - you could, for example, choose a laminate countertop with a section of butcher block. Not only will this add a distinctive look to your kitchen, but it will be more cost effective than using butcher block to cover the whole.

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