Kitchen Curtains

Window treatments let it all hang out

Choosing the right curtains for your kitchen design is a tricky task that most of us will face at one time or another. You want to choose something stylish but not overbearing, something that lets in the light but blocks out the nosey neighbors. You also want to have something that still allows you to open your window and let fresh air in without too much difficulty.

One of the major issues in choosing your kitchen curtains is that what looks perfect in a store showroom can often clash with your style or the color scheme of your kitchen. It's important to have your "big picture" in mind before you go out shopping.

Country kitchen curtains are a classic example of window dressing style. They add warmth and comfort to the kitchen and can be hung directly from a top rod or in the middle of the window with a matching valance. These curtains are rarely too loud, nor will they overshadow the rest of your decor.

When choosing the perfect style of curtain for you room, you should keep in mind the basic three elements of texture, color and shape. All are crucial variables in determining what will work for you in your space.

Matching your curtains with a color found in your kitchen flooring, paint or wallpaper will enhance the beauty of the color you have chosen. Kitchen curtains are available in a wide variety of images as well as colors, such as fruit, vegetables, novelty items such as barns or sunflowers or patterns like gingham or stripes. These prints are fine if the rest of your room is neutral and the patterns don't clash, but having curtains with a loud print on a wallpaper backdrop will could be gaudy and put you on the bad side of style. As a general rule, use solid colors with patterned walls and patterned curtains with solid walls - and be sure to keep in mind the colors of the kitchen countertops and tiles.

If all that planning is not your thing, you may decide to simply go with a blind. This is also a great option, as blinds block out peeping eyes at night and allow the sun to shine in during the day. Keep the blind simple and choose one that will not prohibit you from easily opening and closing your window.

Whatever window treatment you choose, don't underestimate the aesthetic power of this element on the rest of your kitchen's decor - be imaginative and choose something that will give your room that extra bit of style!

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