Kitchen Decorating

Giving your space character

The kitchen is no longer the place where Mom spends her days slaving away over a hot stove while everyone else is out at school and work. Modern kitchen design has made this a place to not only hold family meals but also to gather with friends, spend an afternoon over coffee, do homework and even read, watch TV or surf the Net.

The kitchen should reflect your lifestyle. It should be warm and inviting yet efficient and functional. In our decorating section we offer tips and information on diverse decoration topics, including kitchen wallpaper, kitchen cabinet refacing and designing your dream kitchen, allowing you to make the most of your kitchen without burning a hole in your bank book.

Decorating your kitchen does not refer to arranging your appliances, furniture and fixtures but rather changing the wall coverings, paint, colors and all the extra added touches you incorporate into your kitchen to give it a lived-in feel and a style as unique as your own.

Today, many kitchen decorating styles are based around different world cultures such as Italian, French, Mediterranean and Mexican. They not only add a cultured feel to the room, but many of these styles are rich in warm and inviting colors that make the kitchen the most central part of your home and life. They may even inspire you to cook ethnic foods!

Vintage kitchens add a sense of old fashioned fun but with the convenience of the modern world. Tuscan-flavored kitchens bring back an aura of class mixed with simplicity.

Many other styles have evolved from simpler times, such as the country kitchen. This style incorporates wood panels and darker autumn colors, and features down home feel accessories such as fruit plants and maybe even a straw hat or two.

There is an old saying that every kitchen needs a little orange and a rooster to make it feel like home and bring luck to those who cook and eat in it. Other popular kitchen decor themes feature pictures of chefs, sunflowers, strawberries, bumble bees and butterflies, and other smaller animals such as ducks.

Decorating your kitchen doesn't have to be a chore - a few ropes of garlic strategically hung from the ceiling can go a long way to adding a touch of warmth to your space. All you need to give your kitchen a new life is a little time and thought.

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