Kitchen Faucets

Tap into your needs over the sink

When installing or remodeling your kitchen, choosing the proper faucet should be a priority. Chosen wisely, your faucet will make your life easier in a number of small ways.

When you plan on installing a new faucet in your kitchen, be sure to investigate your plumbing before buying. Faucets fall into different categories and are not made to fit every kitchen sink:

A new faucet can be purchased cheaply, however it is best to expect to pay between $200 and $300 for one of good quality. Cheaper versions will require repairs and could end up costing you more in plumbing bills or replacement units.

The four most popular kitchen faucet models are:

Lever faucets with one handle for hot water and another for cold are easy to use, and are therefore handy in households with children or senior citizens. They are available in a number of different looks, and are a great combination of practicality and style.

Sensor or automatic faucets are another option for parents with small children, avid cooks or those who have extreme problems manipulating levers.

Many kitchens today incorporate the single-handle faucet, which controls both hot and cold water with a single lever. These faucets offer added convenience and are a space saver when compared with traditional two-handle styles.

Aside from the actual type of faucet, choice of spout is another factor to consider when choosing a model. Most spouts rise only slightly higher than the sink which could be an inconvenience when filling a large pot. High arching spouts are increasingly popular because of their added convenience and beauty. The height of the spout is considerably increased, enabling the user to easily rinse and fill large pots.

Pot filler faucets are installed near the stove, and might make a great addition for kitchen remodeling. Pot fillers allow the user to avoid the headaches and time consumption spent on trying to fit a large pot under the standard faucet height.

Choosing a faucet with integrated soap dispensers and sprays not only saves counter space but cuts down on clutter and wasted soap. The pumps are measured, delivering the right amount of soap every time. Sprays make cleaning vegetables and rinsing dishes much simpler.

Kitchen faucets are crafted from a variety of materials. Some of the most common metals include chrome, pewter, nickel, copper and platinum, which can be finished in various styles such as brushed, satin, antique or high polish.

Replacing a standard faucet for one with a little more flare is not only an inexpensive way to spice up your kitchen, but can also add practicality to your space.

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