Kitchen Islands

An oasis for your busy kitchen

The kitchen island - aptly named because it is unattached and permits access from all sides - adds extra work space as well as decoration to your kitchen. An island can be as simple as a plain table set in the middle of the floor or an elaborate custom-built unit complete with running water and electricity.

These days, designers are incorporating kitchen islands into more new homes because of their practicality and convenience. Islands add a sense of style along with more kitchen storage area and counter space for additional appliances.

The typical kitchen island is a simple flat surface counter that matches the countertops of the other cabinets. However, designers today are now creating different kitchen island styles with corner posts, wine racks, multi-leveled surfaces for food preparation and dining, shelving and unique storage solutions, making the island less of a last minute addition and more of a kitchen focal point.

When deciding to install an island you must plan its incorporation into your kitchen as meticulously as you would the kitchen cabinets - you can't just stick a kitchen island in the middle of the floor and hope for the best! To make sure your island is fully functional and effective, keep in mind the following considerations:

The choices of kitchen countertops for your island are as endless as those for your stationary cabinets. They can match your counters, or they can contrast, as in the case of a butcher block countertop - the choice is up to you and your design taste!

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