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Sharing your kitchen designs with the world

In this section we will be posting photographs of great-looking kitchen decors sent in by our readers who wish to share their decorating tips, creative ideas and great innovations with the rest of the Kitchen Cabinets and Designs Online world. We'd love to see yours! Please send in your before and after photos to

When choosing what is right for your kitchen it is often helpful to view what other people just like you have done to their kitchens - their photos will give you the inspiration to get your artistic juices flowing!

At Kitchen Cabinets and Designs Online, we reach a great number of people just like you every day - people who are either in the middle of a renovation or are about to embark on a kitchen remodeling project and are eager to see some of the products and ideas available to them. Many have had ingenious ideas on how to create extra kitchen storage or are proud owners of custom-built countertops - take a look at their successes and start envisioning your own dream kitchen today.

Aside from getting visual inspiration, you can also discuss the do's and don'ts of remodeling with people who are going through the process themselves. Be sure to share your own ideas and tips with the members of our community!

We will be updating this area on an ongoing basis with new and unique photographs of kitchen designs submitted by you, Kitchen Cabinets and Designs Online readers. If you are interested in showcasing your kitchen design in whole or simply a specific part that makes your 3heart proud, we encourage you to send in your pictures and share with others who, just like you, are making their kitchen dreams a reality.

If you have photos of your kitchen that you would like to share with your community, please feel free to e-mail them to us at We will post them regularly. If you'd like to include a write-up about what you went through for your renovation with any unique challenges or stories, we'd love to hear those as well!

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