Kitchen Sinks

Matching your bowl to your life

When you pack for a trip, you may take everything but this fixture - but that doesn’t mean your kitchen sink is not important! The sink is one of the most frequently used items in a kitchen. It’s where you clean up after a meal, get your drinking water, wash your vegetables, the list goes on. It only stands to reason that something with so many uses certainly deserves a little attention!

When deciding what kind of sink to incorporate into your kitchen, you must consider the specific tasks your sink must accommodate. The universal standard for kitchen sinks is one stainless steel bowl, averaging 21 inches by 25 inches in size. These days however, most people prefer double bowl sinks, as they are better suited to families and make clean up and meal preparation easier.

When considering a new sink there are some key factors to keep in mind:

Some sinks come with built in accessories such as a cutting board or dish drying rack. Other sinks may be used with a garbage disposal so you should plan your hole around this as well. Other accessories that may be useful with your kitchen sink include drain baskets and colanders.

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