Kitchen Storage

Clearing away your clutter

A kitchen remodel is the perfect time to add new countertops, purchase new appliances and give fresh new looks to walls and cabinets. But no matter how beautiful you make your kitchen, it will be useless unless it is efficient and practical.Installing extra storage is one way to maximize your space and ensure your kitchen has everything you need, where you need it and when you need it.

Start with your kitchen cabinets: are the shelves in the right spot? Is there a way to make more use of the space you have? Should baskets be used in place of some shelves? How about pullout shelves in some cabinets for cans?

There are an infinite number of ways to make your cabinets work for you, from pullout towel racks to spinning Lazy Susans in awkward corner cabinets. Racking and shelving units are great for making use of vertical space, while hooks, rails, baskets and cutlery organizers are cheap, convenient and will allow you to be creative with your units. Kitchen canisters, storage bins and baskets can be placed on kitchen countertops to give not only extra storage but also a touch of style. Another interesting way to add storage space to your kitchen is to install a flip-out tray behind the false-front drawer under your sink.

Spice drawers are handy for organizing your spices and they also clear up space in your cupboards. Lazy Susans are also great for organizing spices.

If your shelves are extremely high, you may be wasting a lot of space that could be maximized by installing three-tier organizers to your cupboard.

Try using pull out containers for your garbage and recycling needs. They keep everything in one spot conveniently hidden and out of the way. For cookie sheets, try storing them on their sides in narrow cupboards with separators.

Pantries and kitchen islands are also great for extra cupboard space and extra storage. Kitchen benches are another idea, as food or drinks can be stored under the seats of the bench for comfort and convenience. If your space is limited and you only need a small amount of storage solutions, try a kitchen cart. The top gives you extra counter space to work on and the shelves are great for storing pots, pans, towels or wine.

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