Kitchen Tiles

Piecing your floor together

The kitchen floor is the biggest surface in your whole room. It will either make or break the look of your space depending on the color scheme you choose. It is therefore important to think of your kitchen floor in terms of how it will look down the road.

If you ever walked into someone’s house and saw outdated tiles that looked like dinosaurs laid them just before extinction, you will understand the importance of finding a timeless tile. Avoid trendy new looks that fade fast and look dumpy and dated minutes after the adhesive has dried.

Stick with the basics, wood, tile or any other kitchen flooring material that will enhance the look of your room and give it good selling value. One thing to remember when choosing a tile is to pick timeless tiles with an appropriate color scheme that blends well with the rest of the colors in your kitchen.

Using a laminate tile with a light color such as white or pale cream will generally work well with a wooden cabinet finish and most countertops. However if your kitchen is a high traffic zone you may want to install tiles that have some darker colors mixed through in a marble effect so that dirt doesn’t show up as quickly, but don’t go too dark as dirt will show up easier.

Kitchen tiles are purchased individually, so pricing depends on your floor’s square footage. Tiles are easy to install so many people can lay them themselves. This is not only an easy way to save money but could be a great project for a weekend.

Laminate tiling is cheaper and easier to clean than ceramic tiles; however they don’t have the same aesthetic appeal.

Ceramic tiles are made from pressed clay that has been glazed. Porcelain tiles are thicker and sturdier. The color also goes all the way through the tile so if they become chipped or dented it is not often as noticeable as with ceramic tiles. Quarry tile is unglazed and consists of a mix of shale and clays.

Fill the spaces between tiles with grout to help resist stains and try to find a grout that closely matches the tiles.

Tiling your floor is a great project that can enhance the beauty of your room, if done properly. And with the infinite number of styles, patterns and colors to choose from these days a beautifully tiled floor is more accessible than ever before.

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