Kitchen Wallpaper

Your new look is just a roll away

One way to snap life into your kitchen is by putting up wallpaper. It is a great alternative to paint and is a fun and colorful way to do a little kitchen remodeling at a small cost.

The number of prints available on the market today is astounding, and can at times seem overwhelming. Every shade in the rainbow has its own paper with its own texture. Patterns range from simple raised flowers to bustling city or farm scenes.

Find a color, pattern or design that flows well with the kitchen appliances as well as the rest of the room and house. Try not to overdo it with the wall paper if you already have a lot of decoration in your kitchen. Nothing spoils a look faster than theme overkill. Wallpaper should enhance your room and make the people using it feel warm and layered. It shouldn’t make them run screaming from the room.

Applying the paper can be time consuming. Dedicate a full afternoon to putting up your wall paper without distractions. Follow all the included instructions.

If the wallpaper has a simple pattern and is self adhesive, here are some simple instructions on how to hang it.

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