Strong blades for tough jobs

You may not think much about your kitchen shears, but they are a vital and useful tool for any home and the higher quality they are, the less frustration you will experience when you use them for that tough cooking or household task. There are many different kinds in all price ranges, so it’s important to make sure you choose a pair – or more than one – that is suited to your daily needs.

Kitchen shears are sturdy scissors which are designed for the tasks in your home that would damage or break a normal pair of metal scissors, and unlike knives they don't require the use of cutting boards. They can be used for everything from cutting cardboard to busting through chicken bones. There are certain things to look for in kitchen scissors, and things to avoid as well.

Though knife sets usually come with a pair of shears, they are not typically of the best quality so it’s best to steer clear of these scissors. There are those that are sold separately, made of very strong stainless steel or metal alloy. Some are constructed with offset blades for better leverage, and many shears have a built-in bottle opener at the top.

When shopping for kitchen shears, try to choose from those which you can handle before you buy. It is important that the handles fit your fingers properly; a rat-tail tang is useful for comfort and rubber handles can cushion the stress on your hand during use.

Inquire as to whether the shears can be sharpened. If you are investing in a quality pair of kitchen scissors to add to your kitchen utensils, you want to be sure that you can have them sharpened instead of having to replace them when the blades become dull. Also check to see if they can be dissembled for cleaning.

If you make salads frequently, you may want to pick up a pair of nylon or plastic scissors for your kitchen as metal scissors tend to bruise lettuce. In addition, plastic scissors can be great to have on hand if you have children in the house as they are safer for little helping fingers to use.

Many kitchen shears come with serrated blades which are useful for sawing through particularly tough food items. You may want to buy all-purpose kitchen scissors as well as specialty poultry shears; these make quick work of breaking down a whole bird and having a separate pair for the job will lengthen the life of your regular shears.

Be sure that your new shears will be easy to clean, as they must be hand washed rather than put in the dishwasher. Larger crevices allow more food and bacteria to get stuck, which can cause cross-contamination into other foods.

Even though a quality set of kitchen shears may seem expensive for one pair of scissors, the investment is worth it because they will not have to be replaced as often as cheaper shears and will save your hands from the stress and strain of working too hard to cut through those difficult kitchen projects.

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