Serving Trays

From plain to fancy

Serving trays can be a useful item for any home or office. There are several kinds available for both personal and entertaining purposes. Serving trays are made of many different materials and come in varying styles and colors to fit any family’s needs and price range. In order to determine which type of serving tray will meet your specific needs, there are some things to consider first. Here are some of the available types of serving trays:

The prices of serving trays vary a great deal. You can pick up decorative plastic or melamine holiday trays at your local dollar store, and discount chains carry lap trays (sometimes in sets) for a very affordable price. Antique trays can often be found at flea markets and online auctions. Collect several and display them on your china cabinet or baker’s rack, don't hide them in the kitchen cabinets. A tarnished sterling silver tray can easily be cleaned up with a little silver polishing cream or liquid to shine like new!

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