Mix it up

Mixing foods together to make new and fascinating creations has been one of man’s obsessions since we stopped cooking over an open fire! And nothing has made mixing and creating easier than the blender.

Blenders are the perfect small appliance for creating frozen drinks, crushing ice and mixing pancake batter. They can also be used to make puree soups, gravies and cake mixes. Making your favorite strawberries and banana kiwi smoothie is simple and fast thanks to the many great blenders on the market today.

Available in two versions to suit your needs, blenders or electric mixers can stand upright with a base or as cordless handhelds allowing you to mix drinks right in your glass or tumbler. Many have different speed settings while others are one-speed small job wonders. Countertop blenders usually come with stands made of plastic, stainless steel or copper and are offered in unique colors to fit the décor of your kitchen without the need for any kitchen remodeling.

Blender containers are often made of break resistant or unbreakable plastic, however many people opt for the timeless elegance of glass or stainless steel bowls that are both durable and pleasing to the eye. For easy measuring, many blender containers have measurement lines indented on the sides and pouring spouts.

If all you will make with your blender is a smoothie, it is best to invest in something designed specifically for that job. To make your smoothie experience even more pleasurable, these blenders feature a practical dispenser tap for easy pouring.

Speed and power, the most important features of your blender, will depend on the type of model you choose and what it is designed to do. Some important features to look for when choosing a blender include an ice crushing feature, rubber feet and a strong base.

Prices vary for different types of blenders depending on their strength, capabilities and whether they are on a base or are handheld. The cheapest blenders start at around $25.

Handheld blenders usually come with their own measuring cups and blending containers, however not all brands include these accessories. Regardless of your choice, the perfect blender for you is one that suits your purposes and your budget -and has you sipping frosted drinks on your patio in the least amount of time possible!

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