Food Processors

A chef's right-hand man

When it comes to the perfect kitchen companion, nothing beats a food processor. These multifunctional small appliances come with the perfect attachments to help you create the culinary delights your heart and stomach desire.

Cheaper models may be weaker, but most food processors have tough motors and stainless steel blades that can handle difficult foods efficiently and rapidly. Food processors certainly earn their keep as they can chop, mix, dice, shred, grate, knead and slice your favorite foods to assist you in making a delicious meal in half the time.

A food processor works in the following manner: food is placed inside the container (generally made of clear plastic) either by removing the lid or inserting it through a sealable slot. For safety reasons, many food processors are equipped with a device that pushes food into the container and often the container is secured in place by a lock. Containers are removable easy clean up and dishwasher safe. Once the food is in the container and the machine is activated, steel blades rotate at high speeds and process your food until it has reached the consistency level you desire.

If you are combining a series of ingredients in your processor, it is best to add the dry or delicate ingredients while the bowl is clean and dry, before adding any wet ingredients to the mix.

Food processors are great for difficult jobs such as chopping nuts for your favorite cake or shredding lettuce and dicing onions without the tears. They are convenient, affordable and minimize your time spent on painstaking and laborious tasks.

Although at one time messy and noisy, advancements in design have nearly perfected today's models by giving them sealed, heavy-duty bases that provide stability and make for quiet operation.

Some food processors have smaller containers that come with blades and discs for processing smaller portions. Regardless of size, all models come with an instructional video or detailed manual to assist you with your product.

Many manufacturers such as Kitchen Aid, Cuisinart and Black & Decker offer variations of food processors that can cost between $50 and several hundred dollars, depending on power levels and added features.

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