The ultimate fryer friend

Griddles are small, flat, compact cooking surfaces that are useful for cooking whole meals at once. You could prepare a feast of a breakfast including eggs, pancakes and bacon, all from a single pan! Griddles are available in stand alone electric versions or models that can be placed directly on the stovetop burner.

Most griddles are rectangular but other shapes include square or round, providing a variety of surface sizes. They are generally made of clad aluminum or cast iron, and often have non-stick coatings making them easy to clean. Depending on its size and weight, a stovetop griddle can have one long handle or two handles. For even more convenience, some griddles are reversible with two different surfaces, so you have a choice for cooking your meals.

Electric griddles come complete with temperature controls and removable drip trays to assist in fast clean up. The drip tray is also a great way to manage and dispose of excess grease. Some (but not all) electric griddles are dishwasher friendly and come equipped with cords that easily detach. Others can be folded in half for easy storage in a cupboard or on a shelf.

If you often have a need to fry up more than one food at a meal, griddles are more one large griddle can take the place of multiple frying pans. With units that come equipped with different temperature controls controlling different areas, you can even cook foods at different temperatures at the same time. Griddles are a great addition to any kitchen and can be used for evening meals, breakfasts or any time you want to prepare some fried foods. You can even use your griddle outdoors to complement your barbecue!

When using your griddle, it is a good idea to identify different cooking zones, so you can displace foods as they get cooked. You should also have butter or oil nearby to ensure nothing sticks as you fry. Be sure to use an oven mitt when cooking - because the grill is open, oils splash easier and if you’re not careful you could end up with a burn. It’s also important to move items around on the griddle or contain them as necessary, so be sure to have a spatula handy.

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