Ice Cream Makers

Making a frozen dessert the old fashioned way

Ice cream makers give modern consumers an affordable and fun way to enjoy old fashioned homemade frozen desserts. For the increasing number of people who are wary of artificial ingredients or for those who are calorie conscious, they also offer a more natural, less fattening versions of ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet. You can choose to add only ingredients you are sure of, and can control exactly what quantities you put in. In light of this, it's no surprise that more and more people are outfitting their kitchens with this practical small appliance!

Traditional manual ice cream makers - those with hand churners, a wood bucket and stainless steel bowls - are still available, although they can be more difficult to find. Most manual models come with a container that is placed in a bucket and filled with rock salt and ice mix.

Electric makers are simpler in their design and include multiple speed controls that stir the ice cream or sorbet at the push of a button. Many models on the market today can check for consistency and alter speeds accordingly, ensuring your ice cream has the perfect texture.

Some ice cream makers produce one quart of the chilly dessert, while others have the capability to make much larger quantities that can serve a party of two or twenty. Most makers are sold with one bowl, however, some come with two, giving you the luxury of making different flavors in the same batch.

Some models on the market require the ice cream to be kept in a freezer overnight, but others have no additional steps before enjoying the finished product. Most ice cream makers are equipped with removable spouts for easy addition of ingredients, clear lids to allow you to monitor progress and dishwasher safe parts for quick clean-up. For extra convenience, many of the bowls come with snap lids that allow you to put leftovers back in the freezer. Depending on the machine, preparation can take between 30 minutes or several hours per batch.

Many companies make ice cream makers - White Mountain Freezer Company is just one in particular that currently offers many manual and electric models. This company is most famous for their replication models of traditional old-fashioned makers in a natural wood design. Prices for White Mountain ice cream makers start at roughly $140.

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