That fresh squeezed taste every morning

Who could turn down a taste of freshly squeezed orange juice to start off the day? Nothing could get you off to a better start - in fact many health-conscious people prefer a glass of orange juice over a morning coffee, and therefore have added juicers to their army of kitchen equipment. No longer stuck squeezing juice by hand, modern technology has granted us a way to extract fresh juice from fruits or vegetables simply and efficiently - the electric juicer.

Electric juicers can range from the basic to the very powerful. Some juicers are capable of extracting large amounts of juice, high in quality and rich in vitamins and minerals. If electric juicers seem too cumbersome for your limited kitchen space, manual juicers are an affordable alternative. However, despite the benefit of their small size, they do not offer the efficiency electric juicers do and you must do the work yourself.

Juicers available on the market today are designed for efficiency and looks. While providing you with all the practical features you need, they are also available in a variety of materials - such as plastic, stainless steel or chrome - and also a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, to match any kitchen decor.

Juicer manufacturers continue to tailor their products to meet the needs of today's modern consumer - those with discerning tastes and who don’t want to clutter their life with numerous small appliances. In light of this, some juicers are designed to remove pulp while others only extract juice from fruits or vegetables - some have the capabilities to do both. For coffee lovers, there are grinders that can attach to some juicers making them an all in one alternative. The experimental drink maker will love that some companies provide recipe books with their products that give step by step instructions on how to make the perfect drink. For convenience, many juicer parts disassemble and are dishwasher safe.

A quick search online and you will be able to find many different models and types of juicers that will fit both your style and your budget. Juicers and juice extractors range from $25 to hundreds of dollars depending on your needs.

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