Waffle Irons

A Belgian brunch in your very own home

One of the joys of strolling the streets of Belgium is that there's a waffle stand on just about every corner. Baked fresh in tiny shelters, these little pastries make a great snack any time of the day. Unfortunately not all of us have the luxury of strolling Brussels for a great tasting waffle, so why not make one and enjoy it at home?

Doused in syrup or fruit toppings, homemade waffles are perfect for breakfast, dessert or even a Saturday morning brunch.

Waffle irons are inexpensive and make great tasting waffles in a snap - all you need is a little time in the morning to whip up the batter in your mixer and Voila! Fresh waffles.

Waffle irons are available in many unique designs that will easily match your kitchen countertops. Most come with non-stick cooking plates that clean up in a snap, and many also include interchangeable plates that can transform your waffle iron into a grill or sandwich maker.

Fully automatic, modern waffle irons will tell you the precise time to pour in the batter by flashing a light or emitting a beeping sound. They will flash or beep again to let you know when the waffles are ready. Some models have different browning settings, similar to those on a toaster, that allow you to control the color and texture of your waffles. For people who enjoy making their own ice cream, you don't necessarily need ice cream makers to do the job, some waffle irons allow you to make homemade ice cream cones, which will be the perfect complement.

Waffle makers are often cast in chrome, aluminum or stainless steel. Most are compact and easy to store, saving you precious space on your counter. However, some models - the ones that make one great waffle that must be cut into pieces - may be more difficult to store. This is also true for machines that allow you to make two, four, six or even nine individual waffles at a time.

Included with some waffle iron models are recipe books filled with ideas and choices to help you get the most out of your machine. For the creative chefs out there, some irons have moulds to make waffles in the shape of hearts, cartoon figures and even waffle strips. But of course, if you dream of those Belgian waffles from the streets of Bruges, irons that make traditional square waffles run for around $25.

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