Never overcook again

If you’re in the market for a kitchen timer, you will quickly notice that there is a wide variety of types for different kitchen tasks. In order to decide on the best timer for your needs and preferences, let’s take a closer look at the features and functions of those available on the market today.

Dial Timers

The classic of kitchen timers, this stand-by is reliable, low cost and attractive in any decor. The dial timer typically goes up to 60 minutes and makes a ringing or buzzing sound when your selected time has elapsed. Dial timers even come in a version with a neck strap so that you can leave the kitchen area without concern for overcooking your dish. Some dial timers will time 15 seconds up to 15 minutes, a very handy feature for those delicate recipes which need to be timed and watched closely.

Egg Timers

The egg timer has traditionally come in the form an hourglass filled with sand. The sand takes approximately three minutes to reach the bottom of the hourglass, based on the idea that three minutes is the perfect amount of time for an egg to cook. These old-fashioned timers are widely available and come in plastic, metal and wood, lending a charming touch to any kitchen decor. For tea, there are egg timers with three built-in little hourglasses – one each for weak, medium and strong tea.

Digital Timers

These are ultimate in form and function. They are easy to read, affordable, programmable and come in versions that can time up to five different dishes at once. Digital kitchen timers are normally powered by batteries, and because of the low amount of energy needed to run them, the batteries can last for a very long time before needing to be replaced. Digital timers may come with an integrated clock and calculator, and some models even come built into a kitchen scale; handy for measuring out ingredients.

Magnetic Timers

Need a kitchen timer but don’t have the extra counter space? No problem. Choose a magnetic timer and just stick it to your refrigerator, stove or toaster oven.

Novelty Timers

There are some truly innovative and creative timers available to add that eclectic touch to a funky kitchen. There are dial timers shaped like cheeseburgers or other food items, and digital timers shaped like ovens. There are singing bobble head timers that play a song when your food is ready, and 1950s-style blender timers that play oldies hits while the blades whirl inside. For the mouse collector, there is a small cheese dish timer with a mouse peering hungrily on top.

No matter your kitchen timer preference, you will easily find one that will fit your kitchen decor and cooking needs. Discount chains carry many affordable versions while specialty kitchen supply shops offer more comprehensive, higher-end timers. For unique and whimsical timers, look around at online kitchen supply retailers – you’ll be surprised at the variety and inventiveness of the kitchen timers available!

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