Trash Cans

Surprisingly attractive items

There’s no way around it, everyone needs a container for their trash. Fortunately today there are many attractive options for waste receptacles in the home. They are available in a multitude of different colors, sizes, shapes and materials. From a plain white Rubbermaid trash can to a pricey stainless steel can, there are kitchen trash cans to fit every budget and home.

Garbage containment is not exactly the most exciting or glamorous aspect of kitchen decorating, but it’s a necessary problem to deal with, so it might as well be as interesting as possible. Trash can manufacturers have made this job easier by creating attractive options for your kitchen can.

Trash Can Colors

Kitchen cans now come in every color of the rainbow. Whether your kitchen is sunny yellow or shocking pink, there are trash cans to complement any decor. Colored cans are normally made of plastic, and most come with lids so that the whole container will blend right into your color scheme.

Metal Trash Cans

Metal cans are a very sturdy option. They are typically much heavier than other cans, however a major advantage of metal is that it can be beautiful as well as functional and safe – for example, these cans are usually fire resistant. Enamel is another colorful option. Though these can be beautiful with a classy, modern flair, they are more prone to scratching and damage than other materials.

Two of the many useful features available in kitchen trash cans include:

For a truly unique option in kitchen trash cans, try a mobile frame unit. This trash system holds a large bag upon a metal frame, for a quirky look that fits into very small spaces. Other fashionable trash cans include those decorated with sports logos, and stackable cans that can hold several types of recyclables in one attractive unit.

From plastic to chrome, steel to enamel and price tags between $10 and $100, you’re sure to find a fashionable trash can to meet your kitchen waste needs. You can find them at discount chains, home improvement stores and upscale online boutiques. If you are shopping in a brick-and-mortar store, remember to bring a paint sample or fabric swatch from your kitchen so that you can find a perfect match. Have fun, be creative and comparison shop until you find the look and price you want.

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